25% of the drivers in the state of Oklahoma driving without auto insurance


25% of the drivers in the state of Oklahoma driving without auto insuranceThe Insurance Research Council is a body that regularly conducts surveys to find out the most recent happenings in the world of auto insurance and compile the results for comparative analysis at a later time. One of the latest surveys conducted by this council has revealed that close to 25 percent of the drivers in the state of Oklahoma do not have a valid auto insurance policy. These figures are a cause of concern in the industry circles because of the impact it can have not just on the auto insurance providers, but also those people who actually have a valid insurance policy.

In the year 2009, the number of people driving without insurance in this state was recorded at 23.9 percent. Instead of this number dwindling, it has risen to 25 percent this year. This is the fifth time in a row that this state has found a place in the list of top ten states in the country with the largest number of uninsured drivers. In Oklahoma, there is a state law that stipulates that every driver should carry a valid auto insurance policy. The state, just like the others in the United States of America, has specified minimums for bodily injury and property damage. Jonathan Brooks, a Tulsa Police Captain, said that the law clearly mentions that if the car is uninsured and meets with an accident, it will be towed away and not handed over to the driver. Despite such strict rules governing the state auto insurance, there are few who flout these rules without any inhibitions.

A silver lining for those who abide by the law of the state is that in this state if anyone gets injured in an accident that involved an uninsured driver, the driver of the car which does have the insurance can still file the claims and get financial respite. However, the driver with insurance should have the uninsured motorist coverage which is specifically designed to offer financial respite to policy holders even when the other party does not have a valid auto insurance policy.

Another remedy is to also file a lawsuit against the uninsured driver who caused this accident. If the lawsuit thus filed enters trial and is successful or ends up in an out-of-court settlement, the injured people can still get financial respite.