Uninsured Drivers Arrested


Uninsured Drivers ArrestedThe increasing number of uninsured drivers moves the state to act. It is estimated that one of every five drivers is uninsured. 

In Texas, if you are caught without a valid auto insurance your car will be toll for $65, for the impound $20 and for storage plus tax $15. To get home, the police will ride you home. Before the police toll your vehicle, they will also make an inventory to all the items inside it. Anything illegal that could be get inside will get you arrested finding your self in chain just like your car. 

According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau that represents insurance companies, there are 243,000 illegal young drivers.  Nationally, there is one in every 20 cars.  Some buy or make fake auto insurance cards and pass them on to police office, this adds to their crime.

To scan hundreds of cars every few minutes when officers are out on patrol, police use ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras. Chief Inspector Richard Joyce from Surrey police recently carried out a joint operation with officers from Kent and Sussex on the M25 in Surrey.

Joyce added that police have the power to stop, question, and in some cases, arrest drivers without insurance. With this, they will face consequences such as fine, points in their license or worst have their car scrapped.

Some of the police departments stated that they will be doing inspections periodically for out on the road they cannot easily determine who has no insurance. They are now checking if a car is insured or not. They added that they will not advise the public when they will be doing it for they want them to be aware and prepared at all times. They hope that doing this frequently, will lessen the number of uninsured drivers and car owners and also, stop the trend of doing falsifications of documents.

Auto insurance laws may vary from one state to another and what auto insurance laws would be subjected to, depend on the state that you live in. With regards to auto insurance laws, it will vary depending on the category of the state; all the 50 states are technically categorized as: Tort States, No-fault states and Add-on states.

Bear in mind that it is an obligation of the state to implement laws, regulation and administrative provisions.  Under the law, “all member states shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions.”