Ulster Bank announces car insurance services


OJORF-00012953-001April 2010 marked a new edge for Ulster Bank– one of Ireland’s largest banks as it recently announced that it diversified its market and will now begin to offer car insurance services to its clients. Working on the map to create the largest network of car insurance holdings, the bank announces its car insurance services as it opens to the Ireland public.

Ulster Bank has 135 branches nationwide that are all set to put private motor coverage up on its market. It further expands its services, as it makes car insurance premiums and policies available over the telephone and online. Online quotes are only available for 28 days. The bank utilizes the trust marked on its name and its most expansive line of branches to deliver car insurance services to every car owner who needs reliable service when it comes to insurance.

Better value for insurance investment and better customer service has been said to be the top priorities of Ulster Bank. Customer needs has been deemed to be a principal priority according to the bank’s Managing Director Tim McCarthy.

The existing potency of Ulster Bank when it comes to delivering to client needs becomes a source of strength in getting more clients. Along with the existing clients of the bank, new clients are seen to pour in the next few weeks. Being an established bank, clients will not be a problem according to the managing director.

In connection with the provision of car insurance policies and premiums, insurance giant Aviva Insurance will be holding responsibility for administration of policies. Setting up an initial 10% discount to existing clients on car insurance, the car insurance network is seen to greatly rise and web throughout its 135 branches nationwide.

Furthermore, Ulster Bank is proud to offer: “two levels of cover: a no-frills budget comprehensive cover with the option of add-ons; and a “Premier” option with breakdown assistance, windscreen cover and a lower policy excess as standard.” (Press Association)

A policy document provided by the bank will guide you to the system and the terms that shall support the car insurance coverage you will purchase. From the details of your coverage to cancellation procedures and complaints inquiries will be provided in the policy document.

Ulster Bank Ireland Limited provides the system behind Ulster bank Car Insurance. Car Insurance services will only be available for Ireland resident-clients. A 5% discount is given to online buyers. Alternatively, you may call directly to 1890 700 800 for more information.