Two new hires by Elephant stun the public with remarkable records


IS-00121517-001On the 19th of April, 2010 it was posted that the Elephant Insurance Services announced two new hires today. This Virginia based company which is rated a leading auto insurance provider announced this important news today.

The two hires are Greg Minkler, the marketing manager of Richmond and john carpenter, the new operations manager of Richmond.

John carpenter holds an impressive record in organizational change, managing operations excellently, as an external vendor and also personal development with 200 companies as fortune. His previous position was that of a director of sites for services of insurance at the bank of America. Now he joins elephant to portray his corporate talents. Before joining elephant and before being a site director, carpenter spent 5 years doing several leadership roles at capital 1.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of a new organization with a forward thinking approach to providing auto insurance, and am eager to add my experience to such a well run business as it continues to grow and evolve. The operations area at Elephant has a proven ability to provide customers with multiple methods of securing high value auto insurance.”

Greg Minkler being the hire number two also holds a remarkable track of strong leadership records. His recent position being affinion loyalty group where he was the director of product marketing, he now joins elephant to clear enough for a new path of difference.

He holds a remarkable history of both B2C and B2B, offering his analytical marketing skills to elephant. Before joining elephant, he also worked in fair Isaac and capital one holding high positions.

“I’m excited to help build on the analytical marketing strategy that Elephant is employing in the auto insurance industry. The ability to provide great auto insurance, multiple discounts, and cheap alternative to high priced policies is dependent on matching the right product and message to the right customer”.