Staged fraud accidents take eight more into prison


JUIMRF-00017400-001Auto insurance fraud cases rose by eight more people on Wednesday announced Steve Poizner, the insurance commissioner of the state.

The people who are suspected to have committed the fraud staged traffic accidents claiming to be a part of it so that bogus files based on personal injuries could be claimed from insurers, said Steve Poizner.

This fraud scheme that got the suspects more than $200,000 payouts worth was cracked down in October by the task force after it was found that about eleven suspects were charged with operation hit and run after an investigation on them that lasted a year.

Jay Stoney, the 31 year old leader of the fraud ring who was from Chula Vista did not plead guilty to the fraud charged against him on November 2nd.

The charges that are against the suspects grow from 5 different accidents that are staged. Usually, the vehicle that caused the crash also called the hammer vehicle was left abandoned on the streets where the accident claims to have happened, before the police arrived said the insurance department of California.

The investigation said that the abandoned cars were either kept at the scene by the registered owners of the car or probably are stolen before the staged crash could occur resulting in the car being abandoned.

The people who are in the other vehicle that is involved in this collision, also called nail vehicle claimed for payments regarding soft tissue injuries after the crash. They got treated at local hospitals said officials of CDI.
After this, they would tell insurers and file for claims based on personal injuries.

When the claims were settled by the insurers, the injured ‘victims’ would be sent payment checks that left huge medical bills said the investigators.

The police describe one such staged crash when the back pack of the suspect of the nail vehicle was found in the hammer vehicle by the police. CDI says that after this act, the hammer vehicles would be left abandoned. The police also found many other connections between the hammer vehicle owners and the nail vehicle owners.
Tamar Bradley, Shareese Spence, Frank Torbert III, Jiare Martin, Michael Jones and George Thomas are the suspects arrested today. The previously charged frauds include Mary Lett, Malcolm H, john Jordan, Arthur Zeiglar, Deborah Matthews, Roger Poole, Sharon Harville, Patrick Deleon, Tyrone Ledet and Dajuan Dunn.