Recommendations for Teens to avail Better Auto Insurance Rates


14Strong support to decrease number of car mishap is considered as experts brought to fore suggestions for amateur and young drivers. This, after it is known that there is a correlation of car accidents with Auto Insurance premium rates.

Auto Insurance agencies assign young male teenage group the highest premium rates when it comes to insuring a car. This is because they are vulnerable to road accidents. Statistic indicates that there are about 5,000 teenagers between 16 to 20 years old who die of fatal injuries as an aftermath of car accidents each year. And around 400,000 drivers belonging to age group of16 to 20 will be seriously injured as predicted. The risk is more among young males than females of the same age bracket though both age groups have the same rates.

Cited this, suggestions are drawn from experts. Among them includes the encouragement for parents to enroll their child to take driving lesson. This is for them to earn a graduated driving license designed for beginners just like what they do in most states in the U.S. American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that lack of experience is the sole reason that plays a role for a possible accident. Advance driving may also lower premium by 20% or more which is seen as a good move for auto insurers. Studies also indicate that following implemented DGL laws helped in decreasing the numbers of vehicular accidents by 40% particularly for 16 year old drivers.

Experts further cited that high performing cars is also viewed as among those with exorbitant premiums with a full coverage that range from $1500 to $3000. Teenage drivers are commended to consider this as their last choice when purchasing a car because their age suggests aggression. Accordingly, a part of almost 6,800,000 crashes occurring annually in the United States are caused by being an aggressive driver.

Officers from land transportation also encouraged car owners to wear protective gears when on wheels. This is in anticipation of unpredicted car collision or any kind of road crash. And if that happens, at least, the riders are protected. Alarming devices is also recommended. This is to safeguard the car in giving warning in cases of robbery and destruction. Experts also pointed out that this is especially so when you are in a community where burglars are abundant.

And the last in their list is to avoid speeding tickets. Speeding is seen by insurers as negative. Jeane Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute (III) said that “The faster you are, the more it can kill”. She went on saying “There’s a bigger possibility that you’re going on to cause many damages to property and to people.” Meanwhile, article from MSN Money cited that premiums increases by 50% for a single speeding ticket within 3 year span of time.