Protect your car from the winter-related hazards with optional auto insurance cover


shutterstock_5465917Insurance companies generally don’t offer coverage for car damaged due to potholes and all the winter-related hazards on the road.  Most of the residents from Buffalo to New York have seen their vehicles take a beating this winter season due to the badly damaged streets and highways, fallen tree trunks, ice and snow related incidents etc.

Insurance superintendent James Wrynn states that consumers will have to help themselves and get a better understanding of what the policy covers and what is not covered.  They can always turn to the insurance department if they need any assistance with auto insurance related issues that they cannot resolve by themselves.

The mandatory no-fault, uninsured motorist coverage and liability coverage will not apply to damages on your vehicle.  These claims that are related to the losses to your car/vehicle can usually be covered by the optional comprehensive and collision coverage.

Some ways that insurance can help drivers who face winter-related incidents:

Pot holes – the collision portion of the auto insurance policy will cover damages caused by pot holes.  But since the collision cover is optional, you cannot expect your insurance provider to pay for the damages caused due to poor road conditions unless you have purchased that option already.

Falling objects – if your policy contains the comprehensive cover then the damages caused by falling objects such as a tree trunk, ice, hail etc will be taken care of.  Under this comprehensive coverage, the insurer will pay you without regard to fault, for damage to your vehicle from all the causes except collision.  Apart from protecting you from losses that arise due to falling objects, comprehensive cover will also protect against theft, flood, fire, vandalism etc.

Hitting an animal – hitting a deer or other animals while driving, which are difficult to spot during winter’s shorter daytime, is also covered by comprehensive insurance.

Your parked vehicle is hit from behind – the collision cover will cover damages to the vehicle and you can also file a claim against the faulty driver of the opposite vehicle.

Customers will have to pay for the deductibles which apply while filing for claims that are insured under the comprehensive or collision cover.

Other optional coverage might be available in addition to comprehensive and collision cover and this might help motorists get through the cruel winter conditions.  Consumers are advised to contact their insurance providers and get clarifications.