New progressive ad features a passionate insurance buyer


11A new advertisement by Progressive—the fourth largest, commercial car, and motorcycle insurance seller in the country—features a non-traditional insurance. “The Messenger” television ad character not only spreads the word about Progressive’s new insurance programs but also revolutionizes the way he advertises his favorite auto insurer.

In the words of Progressive’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Charney, the new advertisement works with previously created campaigns by the company. He referred to the Superstore campaign designed to make the consumers buy insurance from Progressive.

Charney said that with the new advertisement titled “The Messenger”, the goal takes on a different light by making Progressive the one insurance provider who directly serves its customers. He added that “The Messenger” campaign is a response to the growing need for the company to gain continued support and recognition across different states in the country.

“The Messenger” television ad can also be viewed via social and online media. Furthermore, it is accessible through the Progressive’s website. The first series of “The Messenger” ad is entitled “Wake Up” aired last December 6. Five other parts of the Superstore television ad are lined up for airing in late January 2011.

Charney added that what the buyer in “The Messenger” does is proclaim to the whole industry—and their target markets included—the insurance provider of his choice.

Charney said that what might be particularly unique about the ad is that it uses different ways and means to allow the character to express his preference in car insurance. He said that the character in “The Messenger” not only does business exclusively with the company of his choice but also entices other people to do the same.

Charney said that “The Messenger” indeed encourages people to use Twitter and other popular social media to “spread the word” about Progressive’s new car insurance offers, discounts, etc.

Best of all, Charney said that “The Messenger” changes the ways of advertising for auto insurance providers. He added that what makes the ad different is the fact that its main character becomes more and more visible in the streets to “shout” passionately how he loves the Progressive car insurance.

Charney concluded that the major difference of “The Messenger” ad lies in the character that unpredictably turns up whenever, wherever, and however. With the ad, he believed consumers will be surprised at seeing “The Messenger” persuading them to look for Progressive offers in very convenient ways.