L.A. Motorists Fear for Cars in Wildfires


The raging wildfires just outside Los Angeles is causing many car owners to panic and fear for their investments. Insurance experts say that there has been a sudden spike in the demand for Los Angeles auto insurance since the fires started in August of this year. Firemen and volunteers from several counties in the state of California are racing to control the spread of the deadly flames. However, strong winds and dry conditions are making it almost impossible to push back the wall of flame not inching closer to larger urban centers.

L.A. Motorists Fear for Cars in WildfiresWith some smaller neighborhoods on the outskirts of Los Angeles already consumed by the wildfires, many residents are turning to insurance providers for help in protecting their investments and means of income. Online searches for insurance policies have risen sharply in the past few weeks, says industry analysts. The sudden increase in demand can have significant effects on the prevailing insurance rates in the state, experts add.

Industry specialists say that car owners can further increase their chances of protecting their vehicles by remaining calm and acting in a collective manner. Panicking will only add to the problem and make an already grisly situation even worse. Experts say that if the approaching flames are relatively small and do not require the immediate attention of fire crews, then policyholders can delay their advance by digging small moats around their property. Banding together with neighbors can increase the chances of real estate and car properties from being consumed by the fire.

However, experts say that the best recourse in the event of large fires would be to escape the affected area immediately. Loss of property is much better than risking life or limb, they add. Having cars properly insured is a good guarantee that any investment made can still be recovered later on. Because most insurers do not cover the loss or damage to any personal effects inside the vehicle, car owners are advised to avoid storing jewelry, cash, or other valuable items inside.

Policyholders are also advised to take pictures of their properties, particularly their cars on a regular basis to have ample proof when they decide to file for insurance claims. Having a picture of the damaged or destroyed car will also go a long way in aiding insurance companies during their investigation. Lastly, providers say that policyholders must have copies of any and all receipts related to their vehicles. These will be crucial in helping insurers assess the amount they will pay for damaged or destroyed vehicles.