Father Son Duo hoodwinks consumers and insurers


OJORF-00012938-001The dynamic duo of a father and son at Macon Insurance were apprehended for absconding with insurance money paid by consumers for various insurance policies at Goodwill Industries, John W Oxendine, the Commissioner of Georgia Insurance said.

The son, Matthew P. Marshall and the father, Broadus W. Marshall Jr. are to be tried for insurance fraud. Broadus and Matthew Marshall who were employed at Marshall Insurance Agency set up at Macon, stole funds which were given to them as payments by consumers for their vehicle insurance and other lines of insurance. The duos are licensed insurance agents and are employed at the Marshall Insurance Agency.

Vehicle insurance payments by Goodwill Industries, Georgia of over $152,062 paid to the duo of Broadus and Matthew Marshall, were not paid to the insures themselves as they money went to Broadus’s business and personal accounts. Broadus and Matthew Marshall used the payment for their personal uses like on loan payments and debt repayment, vacations for himself and family members and also for fine dining at restaurants.

Philadelphia Insurance Co. had not received their payments for insurance over a period of time and hence cancelled the policies of Goodwill Industries for non-payment. Broadus and Matthew Marshall who were to collect payments from Georgia Industries, failed to give the funds to the insurers, Philadelphia Insurance Co. and hence Goodwill Industries lost their policies and the company and its officials did not know of not having coverage by the insurers.

The Marshalls also allegedly received payments from Goodwill Industries for extending their insurance policy and this extension was also part of the fraud the Marshalls were involved with. The Marshalls received payments for the insurance policies and for insurance extension and provided consumers with new insurance cards and a certificate of insurance extension which was forged along with the insurance cards. The extension which Broadus and Matthew Marshall created, were not approved of by the insurers and neither Goodwill Industries policy nor the Philadelphia Insurance Co. had any information on the extension apart from the fake certificate.

John W Oxendine said that Matthew P. Marshall and Broadus W. Marshall Jr. were accused of insurance fraud and forgery. They used the payments for personal reasons and conned the whole of Goodwill Industries, Middle Georgia and Philadelphia Insurance Co. of their insurance policies.

They offered Goodwill Industries with false insurance extension certificates which Philadelphia Insurance Co. was not aware of and Goodwill industries received new insurance cards which were later, also found to be fake and the duo pocketed the money they received for payments.