Division of Consumers on Auto Insurance Coverage Shown by Polls


Pollsters made a study with Ontario residents. The study was in the form of a poll initiated early this October. The poll tackled the view points of the correspondents as to how they see the cost of automobile insurance. The main question lies in whether the people see the premium price as highly significant.

Division of Consumers on Auto Insurance Coverage Shown by PollsSeventy percent of the correspondents said that the price of the premium is very important. On the other hand, sixty-seven percent of the correspondents have said that the coverage is important as well. This indicates a close fight between the two. The difference has been due to ten individuals out of 327 that were asked by the group Harris/Decima.

An association of therapy clinics was responsible for these polls. They have concluded that from the results of the poll that the coverage in the health services sector should not be tampered with.

The announcement for any changes to the auto insurance benefits revealed anytime in the next few days. The results of the changes might give the many policyholders more freedom about their choices in the sector of health automobile insurance coverage. However, not much is known about the deliberations.

Nick Gurevich who is an owner of a clinic and the spokesperson of the Alliance of Community Medical and Rehabilitation Providers has insisted that the protection be given to the people has the same importance as its affordability.

However, correspondences with him have indicated that some limits should be taken into effect when it comes to choices in coverage. The limits that are known are for minor sprains, injuries from whiplash, and strains.

He further maintains that he and his group have nothing against the proposed changes. But the problem lies in the way its mechanics are handled. He gives an example in the form of future injuries arising from the accident.

He is in fact opposed to the choice of the consumer to allow the purchase of a coverage policy worth twenty-five thousand dollars for minor injuries and a lot more for those graver injuries. The poll has also indicated that a lot of consumers are not aware or do not spend effort into knowing the extent of the coverage of their auto insurance.

Services like chiropractic therapy, physiotherapy, psychological treatment, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and acupuncture are offered.