Dangerous Accidents on the Road


Dangerous Accidents on the RoadThe rise in the number of cars around the U.S. and the increasing number of young drivers are the major causes of fatalities on the road. American drivers are mandated by law to have auto insurance. But some Americans are not following the law, resulting to road accidents. According to an Allstate Insurance survey 8 out of 10 American motorist believe that they will not be stranded on the roadside if their cars crash or breakdown.

Polls show that 84% are confident that they will not have a serious road accident despite the fact that some of the drivers that were asked had experienced mechanical failure on the road or some kind of road accident. 45% percent of the drivers that were surveyed said that they are planning to have a road trip on the road, and would like to drive for two to three hours during the holiday. About two thirds of people who were surveyed said that they experienced a car crash and their vehicle was disabled temporarily on the road.  Some 79% percent said they got flat tire and 77% percent experienced dead battery.

A remaining 84% percent polled said they did not experience any of those experiences like a car crash, flat tire, dead battery or disabled vehicle. While around 82% percent said they have experience some of the scenarios. Polls were conducted by telephone interviews and cell phones on around 1,000 people. The survey reported that two thirds of people who were polled consider themselves to be good drivers, others admitted; around 9 out of 10 said they were speeding, nearly half of 1,000 admitted falling asleep, and 70% percent confessed to missing a traffic signal. Some were even swerving on the road and nearly crash because they were distracted while driving.

Most of those surveyed do not trust teenaged drivers and older drivers. Only 63% percent said that they maintain their cars and a quarter said that they do not do routine check up because of the economic crisis. This kind of survey is conducted to monitor the different behavior of drivers on the road. Surveys are submitted to auto insurance companies as a reference to study how drivers behave. This will help auto insurance companies in assessing payments of insurance premiums.

Auto Insurance companies are studying the risk involved in covering teenage drivers, older drivers and middle-aged drivers. It is important for auto insurance companies to know the different attitudes of drivers on the road to study how they can manage the risky behavior of some drivers.