Con Artist Finally Pleads Guilty


BLIMRF-00048161-001As per the investigators of insurance fraud, Ana Keegan attempted to swindle the system repeatedly filing false claims for mishaps for which she received compensation.

Ana Keegan, a woman aged 39 years who stayed at Haverhill previously, was caught red-handed from Seabrook.

Keegan driver’s license was suspended for one year and she has to shell out $11,700 in return to many auto insurance companies since she pleaded guilty to two counts of larceny involving amounts in excess of $250, attempted larceny, insurance fraud and three counts of auto insurance scams in the Salem Superior Court. John T. Lu, the Judge, awarded one-year probation to Keegan.

Insurance and Unemployment Fraud Division, under the guidance of Attorney General Martha Coakley, investigated Keegan who pleaded innocent at first but later changed the plea to guilty and was indicted by an Essex grand jury.

Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts sent a referral to the Attorney General’s Office after which the investigators started their search.

Keegan suffered injuries from a dog bite incident in August 2002 which led to a scarring, especially above the right eye. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, Keegan’s insurer, offered her compensation.

Investigators stated that, during an auto accident in February 2003, Keegan injured her right shoulder. However, according to the investigators, she faked her claim from MetLife Auto & Home Insurance Company by stating she suffered from injuries after being bitten by a dog and loss of income on a job which actually never existed.

MetLife paid $20000 as compensation to Keegan as a part of the claim filed. Keegan was said to be an employee at John D’s Deli, a bar and restaurant, that shut shop in July 2002, prior to the accidents.

She used the same records to file a claim from Travelers in the year 2004. Travelers paid Keegan $9,500 in June 2004 for false claims against an April 2003 incident. Investigators say Keegan used the same record as she did for pervious counts.

In September ‘04 and January ‘05, Keegan filed insurance claims involving an alleged slip and fall injury case filed against the Haverhill. She claimed compensation mentioning it was for injuries in a car crash that never took place!

According to investigators, Keegan again claimed compensated injuries with Liberty Mutual Insurance in both claims. This time fake income information was filled. Finally the investigators saw through her frauds and caught her red-handed.