Cleaner air for California reports auto news


The air quality regulation according to Auto news section of California has asserted new rules on Wednesday claiming to reduce the amount of green house gases and harmful gases from emissions by vehicles. They have proposed to bring in 1.4 million electric and hydrogen cars on the roads in the state of California by the year 2025 to attain a healthy air for the residents of the state.

The Air Resources Board of the state said that this program initiated by the state government will not only help to reduce pollution to a great extent but also car drivers will be able to save around 22 billion US dollars by cutting down on fuel costs.

The plans are a part of the Golden State’s aggressive plan to help reduce emissions by eighty percent at the end of the year 2050.The plan was asserted just three weeks after the United States president proposed of making the auto fuel efficiency double to around fifty five miles per gallon in the whole nation by 2025.

California is the biggest marketplace for cars in the whole of United States. Thus it has a power to set policies which are not dependent on federal rules and regulations. This state always had stringent rules for emissions and air pollution standards. The United States government has set up a standard for greenhouse gases for vehicle models of the year 2017 and beyond jointly with the state of California. This new standard rule or plan will help to reduce vehicle emissions by thirty four percent in comparison to the rules set in the year 2016. Auto news has found that around eighty seven percent of the vehicles will have to be ZEVs by 2050 for the state to achieve the goal plan.

The cars will use newest technologies and will cost much more than the ordinary ones but this extra buying cost will be compensated by the savings on the fuel costs over the life of the vehicle. About half of the amount of greenhouse gases comes from vehicles in this state. So the government of California has put one a rule to start and increase the production and popularity of zero-emission vehicles. These cars also called ZEVs run on fuel cells and electric batteries rather than petrol. The goal of the state government of California is a tough one as these ZEVs make up around one percent of the vehicles that we see on the roads. Auto news has found that the policy has been appreciated by many.