CLCA shoots up, 788 applicants in ONE month!


MAUR2-00018315-001Steve Poizner, the commissioner for insurance in California pointed out that the program involved in low cost of auto insurance in California saw a remarkable increase in the number of applicants who had enrolled in it this February making this the highest number as compared to the previous years.

This low cost program experienced a thrilling shoot up in the number of applicants touching 788 in just one month. Till date in 2010, the program has seen an increase of 30% in terms of its users more than it did around the same time last year. Last year, there was an 18.9% increase in the number of users as compared to 2008. The department of insurance mentioned that the difficult economic conditions and other programs hard to reach had credited California with this program that began in 1999. The program has performed so well, stretching its powers to almost all Californian counties from 2007.

In 2008, 6306 applicants were taken into this program; this number gradually increased making the number 7500 in 2009. The number shot up with gratefulness to April which approved almost 727 applicants alone. The calculated monthly averages for the entire year come up to 624 enrollees.

This program targets responsible and good drivers who are in need of finances and provides them with these low cost insurances for the liability of automobiles.

The prices are set in such a way that the premiums that are collected from the applicants ensure to cover up the expenditures and the losses incurred in each county. These rates are also adjusted annually based on the applicants needs.

To make it to the programs,

  1. The candidate should be at least 19 yrs old, holding a license for 3 yrs.
  2. Should be a good driver without any strikes like damage to property or violation in moving.
  3. Should not have at fault strikes like causing injuries to body or causing death in three years or violating codes of vehicles.
  4. The family should meet the limits of eligibility $27075 for one person, for two people touching $36425 and finally $55125 for the whole family with four members.
  5. The limits would increase with increase in the number of family members
  6. The insured vehicle’s value should not exceed the amount of $20000.