Car thefts on the rise during summer –safeguard it with auto insurance


The law enforcement agency is pairing up with insurance companies, community organizations, and concert venues this summer to fight against auto theft. The Denver police department reported a stealing of over 500 cars just last month alone.

Car thefts on the rise during summer –safeguard it with auto insuranceNow, Denver police squad has teamed up with Coloradans against Auto Theft (CAAT) organization in an effort to prevent auto theft. It is a statewide programme to teach the public about what they can do to diminish their odds of becoming a prey to the auto thieves. GPS will be employed to keep a watch on the neighbourhood, and bait cars to trail auto burglars.

Police alleges drivers should properly lock their cars, carry the garage door opener with them and never leave their personal possessions in plain view. If burglars obtain an access to your garage, they can execute a lethal offence.

Carole Walker of the Rocky Mountain Auto Insurance Information Association (RMAIIA) advises drivers that they should have suitable coverage. She says, “You must sign up for a comprehensive insurance that will cover your vehicle, and your homeowners insurance will cover the things stolen from your car.”

She says that auto insurance is an important responsibility when owning a vehicle. All states require you to have a way of proving that you are financially responsible, should any theft or accident occur in relation to your car.

With most states mandating minimum liability coverage, every driver eventually obtains car insurance, but the truth is far different. Most drivers are averse to auto insurance and only recognize its importance when their car is stolen.

When shopping for auto insurance, knowing the kind of coverage required is perhaps the most difficult part. Hence, insurance companies have taken the onus to guide the insured with free and quick insurance quotes to cover your vehicle in convenient and hassle-free way.

By providing with information regarding vehicle’s specifications, driving history and desired coverage, the insurance companies or agents offer a comprehensive coverage of the vehicle including thefts and accidents. Further, the companies offer discounts that enable you to reduce your premiums and save money.

It takes a few minutes to obtain “affordable” car insurance quotes, and you can compare them in the comforts of your home. With instant underwriting, payment, and print, it takes only 16 minutes to obtain coverage, online.

With the joint efforts of Denver police and RMAIIA, you can conveniently purchase the insurance online or through licensed insurance agents, and protect your vehicle against theft.