Auto insurance must be updated before holiday travel suggests AAA


shutterstock_21899386Millions of motorists generally hit the roadways especially during the summer travel season in order to get away for a vacation or even on weekend getaways. So, with so many motorists on the roads and highways, it becomes all the more essential to check on the auto insurance and make necessary changes to the policy to ensure that motorists have adequate coverage in case of an involvement in an accident.

There were more than 5.5 million Motor Vehicle Traffic Clashes which involved injuries, fatalities, as well as damage to property in 2009, as per reports from the U.S. Police Departments. The losses incurred by auto insurance companies in the United States have totaled to over $99 million on physical damage claims as well as liability during 2009, as reported by the Insurance Information Institute.

Marge Engleman, Senior Insurance Manager, from the AAA Auto Club South has stated that there are millions of drivers who will hit the highways as the summer travel season is fast approaching and it is important that motorists have adequate protection or coverage in the event of an accident. He feels that motorists make the mistake of purchasing the wrong coverage which could cost them a huge sum of money and sometimes motorists don’t bother about getting a quote for years. Hence, he feels that this is the ideal time to speak to the insurance company or the agent and get proper coverage before hitting the roads during the holiday season.

Insurance is big business and it is not as if only the insurance companies have grown, but the type of coverage that is being offered has also grown. Now motorists have many choices and one must essentially understand the policy they are purchasing and the coverage they will get.

As per the recommendations of AAA motorists are encouraged to shop around before purchasing the auto insurance policy and they must also get fresh quotes every year. The prices may vary to a large extent and you may end up paying too much. So, it is important to make an enquiry or get an online quote as it could help save huge sums of money. You may also get a better policy for the same sum that you are paying at present. Combining policies such as home, health, and auto insurance is a good idea as you can avail discounts and is a great way to save.