Auto Insurance During The Holidays


IS-00064427-001When the holiday season is just round the corner, people are busy drawing up menus for the impending feast. The last thing that one would have on mind is the auto insurance policy, unaware of the important role that it has to play during the holiday season. This can be a grave mistake considering that it is at this time the traffic on roads are more than the usual number and the chances of mishaps occurring are high considering the number of people who drive after a round of drinks with their friends.

The roads are filled with drivers who carry years of experience behind them and also those that throw caution to the wind. The increase in the number of drivers on road is proportional to increase in the number of auto accidents. During holidays people do not take short drives along roads that are familiar to them but opt for longer drives along roads that they have not driven on before. Adding the risk is the number of people traveling in each car.

During holidays people tend to travel in large groups, thus leading to increase in the distractions while driving. With the competitive spirit soaring high, most people end up competing unnecessarily with other drivers on roads that they are not familiar with. Most people who take out their cars on long drives do not even consider getting their cars serviced for the long journeys.

Getting the car completely checked up before going on these drives will minimize the chances of the worn out engine, and blown out tires. However, due to recession most people forgo on this preliminary checkup. There are also people who prefer to rent a car rather than use their own because it cannot fit all members of their family. Thus they end up with cars that they are traveling in for the first time without prior knowledge of how it will respond to their driving.

All these factors come together to form the perfect recipe for disaster! The chances of accidents during holidays are extremely high. Driving without a valid auto insurance policy can prove to be disastrous, especially if you are involved in an accident. Hence, there are a few questions that you need to have answered before you set out on a drive in your car during vacations. First of all, do you hold a valid auto insurance policy? Has it been renewed and does is provide adequate coverage? If you are driving a rental car, ensure it has sufficient coverage too and offers protection to you and your family as well.

Simple things like this will ensure you spend good time with your loved ones during holidays without any apprehensions.