7AARP driver safety course hosted by Pasadena senior center


7AARP driver safety course hosted by Pasadena senior centerThe AARP Driver Safety Course gives senior citizens an opportunity to refresh their driving skills and the auto insurance companies offer them a discount in appreciation of that. This course was held at the Pasadena Senior Center on Saturday. Senior citizens will be attending the all-day class and it would help them refresh their driving skills as well as traffic laws. It will also offer them tips to stay safe while they are behind the wheel.

There were nine senior citizens who enrolled in the class. They were later given workbooks and literature and sent home. They could use this for later reference and AARP will give them a certification of completion as well.

AARP volunteer Susan Thomas taught the course and stated that one of the prime benefits of completing the session is the discounts that seniors get on their auto insurance policies once they submit a copy of their certificates to the insurers. Thomas explained that most states are supposed to give seniors discounts on course completion. She also added that this was a huge benefit considering the fact that most seniors are on a fixed income.

The course material touches upon various driving safety issues, which include a review of some of the major factors in these accidents that involve aging drivers. It also included safe driving tips during rainy seasons and night time driving.

Drivers were also cautioned about being extremely alert especially at parking lost at shopping centers, the importance of wearing seat belts while they are in the car etc. They were also asked to review the Maryland Drivers’ Handbook frequently in order to keep themselves updated with regard to any changes in the driving laws.

While concluding the course, Thomas addressed the group and stated that it was an excellent class to work with and that she had thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them. She also wished them safe driving and hoped that they will all get a huge auto insurance discount.

Patricia Dougherty, a Pasadena resident who attended the course, spoke very highly about the benefits of taking the course. She states that she has been driving for more than 40 years, but things seem to have changed now. She also felt that it was good to get tips on how to stay safe on the roads and she also looked forward to availing maximum discounts.

These classes are supposed to be taken once in three years in order to avail discounts.