423 Frauds Cracked Down By Task Force


PIXTAL-00002651-001In a shocking incident, Jaime Antonio Tavares acquired a broken hand to try and get coverage for his medical bills just after stating on September 14 after the crash that he wasn’t injured.

Tavares claimed $5000 for his mustang after the collision and also an extra $1500 for a car that was rental from liberty mutual. After the company paid his bills, they grew suspicious when they analyzed his accident that didn’t happen the way he said it did. Later, the company denied paying for his claims and shifted the case to the insurance fraud bureau of Massachusetts.

The 36 year old of 24 Belmont Street, Lawrence is the recent person who is charged with these bogus claims by the insurance fraud task force.

The detective of Lawrence police, Sergeant Michel Simard said that he must have broken his hand after hitting something or someone. This detective is the lead who was assigned to this criminal unit.

He said that it was always based that he hit something or someone which resulted in breaking his hand.

Tavares ex girlfriend told the task force that on the night when the accident happened, he walked out of the club completely drunk because he saw her dancing with another man and that made him angry.

She told them that the next day she found some damages on the mustang that she hadn’t seen before.

Tavares claimed that when he was driving his mustang on riverside drive, a black Acura emerged from Marble Street; he couldn’t control his steering and then crashed into this car. But before he could get any sort of information, the driver fled. When he told liberty manual the next day, he never said anything about being hurt. He reportedly went to a hospital after eight days with a fracture in his left hand.

After analysis was done on the reconstruction of the accident, it was found that he hit a still car, maybe parked but definitely not moving.

Tavares defended himself saying that he didn’t report the injury as he didn’t know that his hand was broken and he didn’t feel that much pain.

The doctor who examined Tavares’ medical record of his left hand said that he was surprised that Tavares waited for so long as the fracture pains are unbearable.

Tavares was arrested touching the number of frauds to 423 ever since the crackdown by the task force began.