Webtech wireless continues expansion plans in auto insurance market


09WebTech Wireless is one of the leading providers of ‘vehicle-fleet location-based services (LBS) & telematics technology.  It has made announcements that it has expansion plans in the Mexican auto insurance industry after having getting the RFP from the existing insurance company, Grupo Nacional Provincial S.A.B. (GNP), on further buys of Quadrant ®hardware and services that is used by GNP for their auto insurance program.

At least 1,500 Quadrant Locators have been delivered in December out of the new 10,000 units and an additional 1,000 have been scheduled for delivery this month through the WebTech Wireless’ Mexican distributor Prolog S.A. (Prolog).  In the coming months all further deliveries would be undertaken.

The number of Quadrant-enabled vehicles from GNP has grown from 4,000 units to 10,000 units deployed thus making GNP one of the largest recurring subscription accounts of WebTech Wireless.

This shipment along with the first two adding up to 2,500 units has validated WebTech Wireless’ vision for an insurance industry that is enabled with telematics.  Scott Edmonds, President and CEO, WebTech Wireless stated that they were thrilled with the fact that Edward Kulperger, their VP (sales, insurance vertical) as well as his team had in fact reached this huge milestone.  The increase of 6,000 units in the deployed fleet the previous year itself had exceeded everyone’s expectations, he said.  They were now looking forward to substantially increasing the volumes of Quadrant subscribers through the coming years via the GNP’s Angel Naranja program, stated Edmonds.  The President and CEO also believed that their success with Prolog and GNP in Mexico could also be replicated elsewhere and he plans to make use of the momentum gained from this tie-up and is confident that the growth would continue in the insurance industry.

The partnership between the 3 organizations would be strengthened and consolidated further because of the confidence expressed by GNP.  This has also demonstrated Prolog’s capability to provide the installations on an ongoing basis as well as support services that is achievable despite the growing needs of this program, stated Juan Avila, Prolog.

The automobile theft rate in Mexico City has been averaging at 3% and the recovery and theft prevention that is being provided by Quadrant is one of the main benefits that GNP has provided to its policy holders.  The recovery rate of Quadrant- equipped vehicles has been around 88%, which means several million dollars worth of property that has been recovered so far.