Travelers Cos. Withdraws Misleading Commercials


1Texas law in relation to citizens and their houses say that Texas government would protect every Texan from losing their homes no matter what the circumstance is. So whether or not the person has been involved in a car accident with liabilities and he is not covered by any auto insurance policy, his house, would stay with him since a law protects his house and him. However, the recent advertisement of Travelers Cos. have gone against the said law and because of it, Travelers Cos. was forced to retract every media advertisement published, posted, recorded and devised using the said advertisement. 

The advertisement went on by saying that if a person, driving an unsecured car, would crash or cause an automobile accident, damaging both the at fault’s car and other people’s property or life, the one at fault might lose his home because he was unsecured. This, very much, was opposed to the law laid down by Texas officials and was thus said to be misleading and inappropriate to be shown or even to be presented to the residents of the state. 

In a letter, sent by Travelers General Counsel, Kenneth F. Spence III just last Thursday, he wrote that Travelers Cos. would retract and completely remove any hint of the said advertisement. They would erase every blog post written about the said ad, no longer air every television or radio commercial related to it and they would try and stop the publishing of the marked ad to comply with the attorney general of the Texas Department of Insurance. 

Prior to the respond of Travelers Cos. Texas Department of Insurance’s general lawyer have stated, also in a letter form sent to the said company which deals with property casualties, that if the said auto insurance providing company would not remove their advertisement that misleads the people about not having liability insurance with the possibility of losing their homes then the company would be charged with $20 000 every time the advertisement was aired in both the radio and the television. 

The said advertisement is known to be under the name Driving Your House wherein it features a man in his living room which has wheels and seemed to have both the features of a car and a living room. In the advertisement, the man is driving down a two-lane highway and accidentally crashes his car or house. After the said “accident” there would be a voice-over which says that a car accident would not just affect your car, but also your homes. It also said that one should make sure that he has the right insurance policy as well as the proper and enough amount of policy to pay off any possible damaged incurred during a car accident. This advertisement has already reached Connecticut’s television and radio waves.