Toyota Unveils the All-New Bestseller Corolla


Toyota unveiled their latest version of Corolla recently at the Old Hanger in Santa Monica, California. This was a splashy entrance with hundreds of guests and journalists waiting in the wings. They were curious to know what new additions the Japanese automakers will bring to their bestselling and highly popular sedan.

Most buyers and industry watchers fault the boring performance, handling, and the conservative styling of Toyota Corolla. Nevertheless since its introduction in Japan during the 1966, it sales have been over 40 million and growing in the US and in other 53 countries across the world. In keeping with the growing competition related to compact markets, Corolla makers are also feeling the heat. Therefore, their all-new version ensures a stylish and roomy sedan with increased fuel economy.

The new Corolla looks sportier and elevates impacts on motorists. With this version, the makers have chosen to listen to their customers for once. Design theme for this 2014 model is state of the art, ‘Iconic Dynamism’. Buyers are familiar with this design from Avalon latest-generation Sedan. Toyota promised to deliver passionate products to their customers in future. With the latest introduction, President of the company Akio Toyoda seems to have kept his word.

The recent changes could not have come at a better time. Historically, Corolla has consistently held a place among the top ten segments when it comes to passenger vehicle, bestselling list. However, their unblemished record was recently losing momentum. This is especially due to the presence of such players in the market as Hyundai Elantra, Ford Focus, and Honda Civic.

While one cannot consider the all-new Corolla as a radically different design, it does take cues from Furia Concept, unveiled during Auto Show Detroit. It now includes a bolder stance, lower grille, and new angular framing related to front bumpers. Production version of latest Corolla model contains lamps long associated with vehicles that are more expensive. This move has helped the makers to do away with the existing boxy classic appearance and execute deep rounded corners instead.
The 11th Generation model from Toyota contains an interior volume comparable with midsized cars. This is because of the presence of wheelbase that is approximately 4” longer than the previous version of Corolla. A larger seat at the back, moved back rear hip point seat, and an additional legroom due to a thinner front seat are some of the other apparent changes.