Tesla Announces Its Plan to Build Self-Driving Cars


According to Musk, the Tesla driverless car will have a high degree of automation where everything worthwhile related to the driving will remain programmed in a computer system. He believes that a 100% automated vehicle is still not possible and may take longer.

Tesla is going to use their in-house technologies for developing these upcoming self-driving cars and they are not going to seek any outside help presently. A spokesperson from the company corroborated these facts. In keeping with their plans to develop a state-of-the-art driverless car in the coming times, the automaker has also posted a vacancy. It controls engineers related to their driver assistance advanced systems. The job of this person would be to help with the company’s efforts to develop fully automated car driving in the coming times.

However, this is going to be a long drawn out process where there are numerous technical obstacles to deal. Other issues are in relation to legal and safety aspects of driverless vehicle before it can be available to public for driving on roads.

Tesla timelines as announced by Musk, their CEO seems quite ambitious especially when one compares them with similar announcements by other carmakers. Even analysts and researchers looking into the manufacture of automated vehicles feel that such a process is going to take 10-15 years if not more. They believe that self-driving cars are possible but not now because the related technologies are still at a nascent stage.

Plan for other automakers such as Nissan and Daimler are in keeping with the view of the researchers. Both these companies plan to sell driverless vehicles at this decade’s end and not before. Daimler is already offering technologies related to partly automated cars that provide assistance related to traffic jam. This technology is available in their Mercedes S-Class vehicles. Google cars on the other hand come fitted with radars for navigation on roads across Nevada and California. This company has not given any explanations regarding their upcoming driverless project.