Study Indicates Rise in Vehicle Fuel Efficiency in USA


As automakers are making a transition towards 2014 models, sales of 2013 models is on a decline. Sivak, working on a project on tracking fuel efficiency of American vehicles at the University of Michigan for past six years and came up with the fact that a transition from 2012 model vehicles to 2013 model vehicles saw an increase of 1.2 MPG in terms of fuel efficiency. Results for 2014 models of vehicles sold in America are expected to follow the same trend and further improve the average fuel economy of the country.

Sales of SUV group vehicles saw a sales jump of 24.1% last month which is higher than the 17% growth rate for the overall industry. But according to Sivak, even the SUV models that are being sold are now more fuel efficient and go further on a gallon of gas. Apart from the growing sales of fuel efficient models, there is another reason behind this improvement in average fuel economy in America, and that is the growing number of electric and gas-electric hybrid vehicles sold. Until 5 years ago, average fuel economy of vehicles was only around 20.8% and it has been a steady rise since then – as the study found out.

As more 2014 models with better fuel economy keep rolling out of showrooms, Sivak expects the trajectory to maintain its upward curve and he says that if the value crosses the 25 MPG mark within the next couple of months or so, and that will not be surprise him at all.