“Stop Eating and Start Driving!” Insurance Experts Say


Apparently, eating and driving just don’t mix.

“Stop Eating and Start Driving!” Insurance Experts SayA recent research conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and the federal government has revealed that majority of car accidents were caused by driver distractions.

In fact, some 65 percent of near-crashes were found to be caused by distractions inside the vehicle. 80 percent of car crashes, on the other hand, were found to be the result of some form of driver distraction.

Realizing the need for stricter regulations, some states have implemented new laws banning the use of mobile phones and other electronics while driving. Coming up with a law to regulate eating while driving, however, is proving to be difficult.

To find out just how many American drivers eat while driving, some insurance companies commissioned researches. The results, experts say, are disturbing. The latest research suggests that some 70 percent of motorists on the road eat while driving.

Some experts have come up with lists of foods that should never be attended to while driving. It is better to keep both hands on the wheel rather than risk serious consequences, they add.

For starters, drivers can avoid drinking coffee while behind the wheel. Better yet, they should avoid drinking anything hot while driving. Surprisingly, some respondents interviewed by researchers have admitted to drinking soup while on the go. Dripping hot liquid can potentially lead to a very bad scenario.

It would be wise to stay clear of tacos, experts say. Tacos are not only messy, they can give drivers more things to worry about aside from focusing on the road ahead. The same goes for hamburgers. Grease and dripping sauces can make the steering wheel slippery and make handling it even more difficult.

Many drivers have also admitted to eating chicken wings and pork ribs while behind the wheel. The potential for accidents is compounded by the fact that drivers will be keeping one hand on the wheel and licking the other hand. This can be a recipe for disaster, analysts add.

Eating pasta and other plate foods is a big no-no, experts contend. Anything that requires making use of utensils is definitely out of the question. Shockingly, some drivers confess to having taken one or both hands off the steering wheel to eat salad, pasta, or even full meals. Passengers in the front seat usually have to hold the wheel steady. Obviously, having two different drivers can lead to a major crash.