Solutions Group’s New Video Event Recorder Taking the Market by Storm


Solutions Group, a company known more for its circuits and boards has hit a homerun with its new offering to the market, the idrive X1.  The idrive X1 which is initially only available for commercial applications has caught the attention of many businesses including insurance companies, and for a second time this month, an auto coverage firm signed up with Solutions Group for an exclusive supply contract.

Solutions Group’s New Video Event Recorder Taking the Market by StormThe idrive X1 is an easy to install camera that records events such as accidents, and quick stops.  It has a decent storage capacity at 32 GB that stores captured images and footages.

Industry experts are all praises for Solution Group’s data recorder and many claim that it is one of the best in its class. Solutions Group claims that it can significantly reduce vehicular accidents and mishaps.

A total of seven auto insurance companies have already bought a substantial number of units of idrive X1, totally convinced that it can help them boost efficiency.  During accidents or collisions, the device can accurately record events which would give insurers an easier time processing claims. Data saved can also be invaluable in determining who is really at fault, which could expedite judicial cases as well.

A newest addition to the growing list of satisfied customers of idrive X1 is ARI Insurance Company which is based in New Jersey and is considered as a leading auto insurer in the state.  ARI officials expressed delight and satisfaction over their new partnership with Solutions Group and believes that it is a step in the right direction.  Before they chose idrive X1, they tested other similar products in the market as well, but found that Solution Group’s data recorder delivered the best results.  ARI has reportedly placed a substantial order for idrive X1 units, but Solutions Group declined to disclose the exact number.

What’s endearing with idrive X1 is that it is the only vehicle safety device in the market today that can record and store vehicular events. It also has an audio feature wherein noises and conversations can also be recorded and captured.

For its features, the idrive X1 is surprisingly affordable and cheap which is an added incentive to companies.

The City of Seattle has submitted the idrive X1 to a battery of tests and is quite pleased with the results. They have given the device a high rating in terms of reliability and performance.  Plans are already under way for the City to install this gadget on their fleet of taxicabs. However, it is not keen on including its audio recording feature for privacy reasons.