Sales of new vehicles has increased in March this year as compared to 2011


Total sales of new cars & vehicles in the year ending month of this business year are supposed to finish at around 1,372,400 numbers of cars & light truck. This has increased considerably from the last year where it was 1,244,009 at the same time of the year last time around in the month of March.

The value would signify a sales rate of 14.1 million vehicles this month compared to 15.1 million in February & 13 million in March last year as claimed by the reports from the J.D. Power & Associates & LMC Automotive. According to the Kelley Blue Book the new vehicles sale would increase efficiently by 24 % from last month & 14 percent from the month of March 2011. Alec Gutierrez, a senior market analyst associated with the automotive insights of the company said that “the sales in the month of February were much due to the warm unexpected weather present across the United States. He also added that the sales of new cars were triggered by an extra day in the year as it was a leap year but will not repeat this large scale sell again in a while.”

However the analysts & industry executives from different companies of the Motor city has said that the industry will not recover till the home prices pick up throughout continental US & consumers are ensured of prosperity. The US automobile industry is in the third year of its steady as well as bumpy recovery period which was took its toll in 2009 due to bankruptcy issues with the General Motors & Chrysler.

John Humphrey, the senior vice president with the Global Automotives operations at J. D. Power said that “with every strong selling month of a particular sector of industries, the optimism rise making people to think that the steady pace of the growth represents a recovery of that sector. He added that the sales will remain in this steady pace for the rest of the year provided the geopolitical issues in the gulf would not lead to increase in the prices of oil.”