Research on Auto Insurance Reveals Volvo is Contributing to Safe


Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer of quality vehicles and its experience in the field of automotive manufacturing and exhaustive research has resulted in a vehicle that reduces incidence of injuries.

Volvo stressed that the knowledge it has gained over the years through various automobile manufacturing techniques combined with its unique ‘holistic’ approach to vehicle designing and creating vehicles has helped the vehicle manufacturer to bring about massive changes to improve vehicle safety.

This significant improvement in vehicle safety could make the auto insurance companies to consider this vehicle on more favorable terms.

Thomas Broberg, senior safety advisor, Volvo, stated that a holistic approach and considerations of real-life traffic conditions are invariably the starting point for any safety work. He further explained that the enormous database containing inputs from actual road accidents helped Volvo in focusing on the specific areas in which new technologies could create substantial results towards safety in real-life traffic.

Volvo Car Corporation has been maintaining a special Traffic Accident Research team for more than 40 years. The team has been carefully studying various patterns existing in auto collisions. Volvo has also been conducting several high quality studies that have been pointers in methods of adopting better safety methods. These studies and the data have led to significant safety results.

Some of the claims that Volvo makes gets good support from an auto insurance study that was conducted earlier this year. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed that research and the research revealed that the technology of City Safety that Volvo introduced has resulted in a reduction of collisions up to 22%. The City Safety technology is a type of automatic braking system. This system enables the vehicle to start slowing down before a head-on collision, when the car has attained a particular speed. If the car is traveling below this speed, the car stops completely if there is a chance of a head-on collision.

Broberg commented that these sets of auto insurance tests completely aligned with the broad accident database of Volvo. Volvo anticipates that its further newer vehicle models should reduce injury risk in collisions by about 50%, compared to the collision injury data from 2000.