Over $10 billion losses annually due to uninsured drivers


19Every state in the country has made it mandatory for citizens to carry a valid auto insurance policy when they drive a car. Despite this, over 14 percent of the drivers flaunt this mandatory requirement without the fear of being caught, partially due to the shaky economic situation, thereby putting the lives and property of people in grave peril. According to data from the Insurance Research Council, the rate of uninsured drivers in the state of Wisconsin stood at 15 percent.

The latest data made available by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has revealed that the people with insurance policies all over the country paid over $10.5 billion in the year 2007. Kyle Scidmore, who was once a resident of Green Bay, has experienced the impact of an accident with another vehicle whose driver does not have a valid insurance policy. The 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier in which he used to drive around was completely totaled as a result of the collision in Madison by an uninsured driver. Not only did he take over a month of recover from the accident, he also had to spend a fortune from his pocket to cover the costs. He had to pay up the deductible $500 in the hope that his insurance company would be able to recover this cost from the teenage driver who caused this accident.

Scidmore, who is now a Spencer resident was a Green Bay resident for seven years, said that he is not among the people who make a lot of money since he just graduated from college. He says it was too hard for him and he may not have been able to come out of this problem unscathed if not for the timely help by his parents.

His insurance company did get the other driver to pay $500, but this money would never come back to him. He says that it is a respite the other driver did pay the money because if she had refused, the insurance company would have filed a law suit to recover the dues which would have resulted in more expenditure for him, since he would have to foot the bills of the insurance attorney.

Better Business Bureau, a national organization that works in the interest and betterment of people, said that in most of the cases it is the accident victims who have to bear the brunt of being involved in accidents with uninsured drivers.