Older Drivers Safety While Driving


27Older drivers are safer while driving on the road and are involved less in auto insurance than those younger than them, according to statistics. The reason behind this is not because of their age, this is because they have more experience.

Experts point out the older drivers, usually the ones past the age of 50 years, are more conscious of their safety while on the road, and this consciousness of automobile safety increase as they get older because they are aware that they are not as good as they were before. Because of this, older drivers use their cars less, drive at lower speeds to avoid hitting another car, install safety devices in case something bad happens to their car, and they would even opt to move to a more peaceful neighbourhood where car accidents and car thefts are less likely to happen.

These circumstances give them the advantage of enjoying lower auto insurance premiums than drivers younger then they are. Insurance companies decide on the costs and rates of insurance based on a variety of factors, some of them include how often the car is used and where the car is usually driven. Because older drivers are more safety-conscious and have lower risks of getting into car accidents, their premiums are lower than most.

But experts also pointed out the fact that not all older drivers have lesser risk of getting into car trouble even with the safety precautions. Statistics also showed that the older the driver gets, there is also the risk of the driver making a mistake while driving on the road. Graphs show drivers who are older than 70 years of age have a higher risk of getting involved in auto accidents than those between 50 years and 70 years of age.

Drivers around the age of 70 years have more disadvantages than those younger than them, having a 13% possibility of getting in an accident than those around 40 years to 50 years of age. The primary reason for this is the driver’s health and physical state. It is common sense that eyesight deteriorates and reflexes get slower the older someone gets, thus higher risks on the road because these sense are primarily the ones needed in driving safely. Older drivers are more prone in getting into accidents at intersections, according to a Kansas State University study. While drivers over the age of 80 years are usually not granted auto insurance to discourage them into driving again.

Older drivers are advised to be careful while driving and to look out for any signs of danger while on the road. Plenty of precautions such as assigning law enforcers on the streets and putting road safety signs are put into effect so older drivers would be safer while driving.