Older Drivers Drive Safer, according to statistics


16Older drivers have the benefit of experience that helps them avoid getting into auto accidents while driving and they are less likely to get involved in such incidents than younger drivers, according to statistics.

Experts say that older drivers above 50 years of age are more safety conscious while driving and would become even more so as they continue to grow older. The reason behind this is because these older drivers are well-aware that they do not drive as well as they had back in their youth. Thus, this age group of drivers use their cars less often and make use of safety measures such as car alarms. And when they do use heir car, they would drive at a lower pace so as to avoid getting into a collision with another vehicle, and they would opt to stay in peaceful neighbourhood where car thefts and vandalism would not happen to them.

Because of their being safety-conscious, older drivers enjoy the benefit of having lower auto insurance rates than younger ones. Auto insurers base their rates and premiums for their clients by gauging the risks that the latter could get into an auto accident. Insurers use a variety of factors such as where the car is being driven, how often the car is driven, and a lot of other factors.

But experts also say not all senior citizen drivers have a lesser chance of getting into an auto accident. Statistics also show that as the driver gets older past the 50 year mark, the more likely he or she could make a mistake while driving their car. Again, statistics show that drivers who are older than 70 years of age are also more likely to get into auto accidents than those younger than them (those that fall in the age category of 50 year – 70 years).

The main reason why 70-plus year old drivers have more disadvantages than those younger than them is due to their health and physical status. The older people get, the more deteriorated their eyesight gets and the slower their reflexes become. Thus it would cause risks and problems for not only them but for other drivers on the road. And for that reason, people over 80 years of age are discouraged from driving again by not granting them auto insurance.

Drivers belonging to this 50-70 years age group are still advised to drive safely and carefully, as well make use plenty of precautions while out on the nation’s roads.