Motorists Urged to Consult Insurance Agents


Despite the presence of the internet and other technologically advanced methods for purchasing auto insurance, some experts still recommend consulting traditional agents and brokers. Industry sources argue that policyholders can make good use of the extensive knowledge and experience of insurance agents. Brokers can often share what they know about the insurance industry to car owners looking for the perfect coverage.

Motorists Urged to Consult Insurance AgentsThere are basically two kinds of agents, experts say. The first type, captive agents or brokers, work exclusively for certain insurance providers. They specialize in promoting and marketing the different products and services of their insurance companies. Part of their job is to find the most suitable insurance policy for the specific needs of their clients. Captive brokers also coordinate with comparison sites to give motorists on the prowl for insurance a better chance to explore their companies’ services.

Independent agents, on the other, have more liberty when it comes to promoting insurance services. Because they are not attached to a single insurance provider, independent brokers can freely provide several options for their clients’ approval. Car owners can also ask these agents for their valuable opinions when deciding on the perfect insurance coverage. Most independent agents are in constant communication with various insurers to keep themselves updated of the providers’ products and services. They then use whatever information they know to help insurance hunters make the right decisions.

With the advent of the internet age, there has been a decline in the demand for insurance agents, according to some analysts. Nevertheless, agents and brokers are oftentimes the only ones that can provide real life advice and assistance to car owners without completely alienating them. In recent years, however, comparison sites and services have slowly replaced insurance agents. Even so, most of these sites employ highly experienced agents and brokers to assist potential clients. By offering motorists looking for insurance the proper information and help they need through the internet, insurance agents can better provide for the needs of millions of American car owners.

Online comparison services also save policyholders precious time and effort. Instead of driving all the way to the insurance agency office, motorists can simply log on to the internet and find the perfect coverage for their particular needs. As always, experienced insurance agents and brokers will be providing crucial guidance for car owners in need of auto insurance. Some comparison sites can even direct clients to the providers that can best accommodate their needs.