Low-cost auto insurance program formally introduced by insurance commissioner dave jones


shutterstock_33878434The low-cost auto insurance program was formally introduced by the Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones to the students at the East Los Angeles Community College with the new corporate partner – ASUS Computer International.  This program is administered by the California Department of Insurance (CDI).

All students are on a tight budget and look for ways to save money.  The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA) is an affordable liability-only auto insurance program which meets the requirements of the state’s financial responsibility laws and is available for less than $400 per year.

Commissioner Jones stated that the CLCA was a great resource for most Californians and is especially helpful for these college students who generally look for various means to stretch their budget.  Students can get liability insurance through the CLCA program for as little as $22 per month and this will help meet California’s insurance requirements.

Most of the college students are faced with rising costs just like the rest of the Californians.  Campus fees, tuition, living expenses, and books etc are on the rise and students look for various means to stretch the dollar.

This new partnership between CLCA and ASUS Computers International will be a reminder for students not only to use their computers for connectivity but to save some money as well.  In today’s times, functioning without a computer or a car would be really difficult.  Hence this collaboration between CLCA and ASUS is a great opportunity to keep students engaged online and they can ascertain if they qualify for the CLCA programs right on campus in real time.

The Latin Business Association as well as the Asian Business Association joined the event to lend support as they recognized the value of CLCA for all Californian citizens.

With the current budget crisis in California, these public-private partnerships are vital to inform consumers about the state programs so it can reach the eligible participants.  These on-campus events help provide an opportunity for students to pose questions and see if they really qualify for the program.  Students will also get the opportunity to try the new ASUS products and participate in contests.

All motorists must take the liability insurance before hitting the road.  This program from CLCA is really affordable and a great option for the eligible drivers.  Hence, there must be no excuses to drive without a valid insurance.  It is also easy to qualify for the program.