Local Communities and Car Companies Help Solve Insurance Rate Problems


In most  parts of the country, a growing concern is the continued increase in auto insurance premium rates. State after State, authorities are on their necks in preparing drivers on how they can be responsible enough to save on auto insurance.

Local Communities and Car Companies Help Solve Insurance Rate ProblemsIn New Jersey, local medical centers are offering courses on defensive driving on November 17 and 18, 2009. The event, scheduled to run from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, is organized by New Jersey’s local organizations who are concerned about the growing premium rates motorists pay in the state. Drivers and car owners who will successfully finish this course will be listed by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Upon further study on their driving records, qualified drivers will be eligible to get a discount on their car insurance premiums for three years.

The program initiated by New Jersey caught much media attention and is now being copied by other states all over the US.

In Florida, a similar program was conducted by local organizations that focus on driver’s welfare. Started on October and is scheduled to run until November, local high schools were transformed into seminar halls during certain weekends. Drivers who are going to purchase car insurance were invited to participate and listen to talks conducted by auto insurance experts. Talks such as importance of road discipline, traffic safety, and tips on getting affordable insurance quotes were organized.

Efforts of local groups were much appreciated by consumers. Flocking in groups, drivers eager to know more about auto insurance were excited to hear talks and participate actively with other motorists.
Active participation of local groups to assist motorists in their quest for low cost car insurance was heard by car manufacturers. They, too, started doing something to aid drivers in getting affordable premium rates. Studies show that insurance companies include the “risk level” of a vehicle in computing for premium rates.

A car’s theft rate is a prime factor in computing for car insurance rates. This is why car manufacturers are coming up with smart technology to equip cars with anti-theft devices. True enough, reports indicate that the number of car theft incidents have steadily gone down in the past years. Breakthrough in car security makes it difficult for thieves to steal vehicles and make it easier for motorists to report theft like incidents.

Consumers are ones who benefit greatly from the collective actions of local organizations and car manufacturing firms. Indeed, gone are the days when motorists feel alone in carrying the burden of expensive insurance rates.