Lawyers Necessary after Accident, Experts Say


Recent studies have suggested that the number of uninsured drivers coincides with the nation’s unemployment rate. With more and more Americans losing their jobs every day, some industry analysts are predicting rising numbers of uninsured and underinsured motorists on American roads and highways.

Lawyers Necessary after Accident, Experts SayHaving valid car insurance is necessary in almost all states. Insurance providers allow drivers to use their vehicles and not worry about any expenses should they get into accidents. Insurers offer different policies and coverage, depending on the age group, driving record, location, and vehicle of a motorist. Added options like comprehensive and collision coverage can also assure policyholders peace of mind. Even liability coverage would protect drivers from potential liability claims and cases in court.

Despite these, industry experts are warning policyholders to be aware of their insurers’ claim practices and policies. They caution that having valid insurance may not be a safeguard against spending more money in out of court settlements and liability issues.

Policyholders who get into accidents almost immediately report the collision to their providers to claim insurance. However, almost all insurance companies avoid giving appropriate cost estimates to drivers. Specialists say that insurers will maximize profit above anything else and try to downplay the damage to a policyholder’s vehicle.

Lawyers, who offer services against insurance companies, often approach drivers who are aware of this practice. Motorists are sometimes tricked into believing that attorneys can help them get higher insurance claims if they sue immediately. Experts warn that this is illegal in most states. Several states prohibit lawyers from contacting accident victims or meeting with them up to 21 days after an accident. Some states even extend this period to 30 days. The purpose of the legislation is to prevent any solicitation by lawyers on accident victims. Fortunately, though, victims can reach out to lawyers even just after an accident.

Industry specialists explain that most companies are eager to have policyholders accept insurance claims based on the providers’ assessment within the anti-solicitation period. They know that after that given period, clients will have a better chance at taking insurance claims issues to court. However, almost all offers will be underpriced, experts say.

They add that hiring an attorney can help clients determine the true value of their claims. A good accident lawyer can get better insurance claims by providing insurers their own assessment and estimation of the damage. Attorneys can also help drivers find other sources of compensation especially in cases where a client is injured due to the other driver’s fault.