Is Mobile Phone Usage the next threat on road safety?


The Insurance Information Institute has recently conducted a research that the use of mobile phones while driving on the road is starting to be a growing concern in certain states in the US.  According to the results of the study, calling or texting while driving can be one of the greatest problems on US roads.

Is Mobile Phone Usage the next threat on road safety? According to industry experts, almost all US drivers own a mobile phone, and all of them are prone to making and answering a call or sending and reading text messages while behind the wheel. Loosing focus because of being caught in an important call or being preoccupied reading long messages can be good enough reason for being involved in a collision. A study conducted a major insurance consultancy firm showed that majority of their respondents were professionals aged 30 to 50 and all of them use their mobile phones while driving. The result of the study showed that the respondents are willing to answer a call or immediately respond to an email or a text messages even if they are driving as they would not want to be reprimanded for not doing so, if the call or message is from their boss or a client.

With these in mind, local groups are worried that if the trends on mobile phone usage while driving does not improve, situations may be worse and may eventually show its effect on the number of car accidents. In Florida and New York, 7% of collisions were caused by drivers distracted while talking on their cellular phones. The rates for Pennsylvania are relatively lower at 5%.

An Insurance Information Institute representative said in a recent interview that they are targeting to release a mass promotional campaign on the fatal effects of motorists getting busy on cellular phones while driving. The organization estimates that the number of accidents resulting from mobile phone usage can go up during the holiday season. As Christmas gets near, people will be busy contacting family members and loved ones. Industry experts say that when a driver on the road received a call from a relative he hasn’t seen in years, the sudden rush of excitement can take over and there is a tendency for the driver to momentarily forget that he is currently driving. In that split-second that he forgets he’s on the road, a collision may have already taken place.

In addition to preventing cell phone use, there is strong support from the organization to fight motorists who hide traffic offences such as exceeding the speed limit in an effort to get cheaper insurance.