Insurance Claims Expected to Rise in October


Sources from the auto insurance industry say that providers are expecting the number of insurance claims to rise significantly with the onset of fall. According to experts and analysts, statistics indicate that more motorists file for insurance claims during fall and winter, starting in the month of October. This trend has held true for several years now and some experts fear that several factors may affect policyholders in the U.S. this fall season.

Insurance Claims Expected to Rise in OctoberAccording to statistics, 10.4 percent of all car insurance claims are filed during the month of October. Analysts point out that increasingly shorter days may result in more drivers getting into accidents. For most of the year, American motorists have been used to driving in rush hour traffic with the sun still up. In the coming months, however, the sun will be rising and setting in time for morning and late afternoon rush hours. Experts say that this can pose a problem for many car owners who now have to contend with the sun’s glare in addition to the traffic conditions.

Insurers also say that they are gearing up for the remaining three months of the year. They add that up to 30 percent of all insurance claims are made during the period between October to December. Industry representatives explain that hazardous road conditions combined with the colder weather often lead to more accidents hence the increased number of insurance claims.

Many safety experts are also telling motorists to exercise more caution during fall and season. They warn that cars and vehicles may lose control as a result of the changing weather. To prevent accidents, they suggest taking extra precautions such as defensive driving, increased spaces between cars, and protective eyewear. With the sun rising and setting low on the horizon, drivers can make use of sunglasses to protect their eyes from the glare.

Policyholders living out in the country should also watch out for deer crossing roads. Since fall is the active mating season of deer and similar animals, motorists could run into problems with them. Longer nights can also mean a higher risk of diminished senses for drivers cruising on highways and roads. Experts also add that slippery road conditions can make it almost impossible for cars and other vehicles to get good traction. In these cases, they explain, snow chains may be the best solution.

Insurance industry sources say that to avoid getting into accidents that may result to higher premiums, policyholders must keep in mind to be alert at all times, especially during fall and season.