Information Week 500 magazine names Progressive car insurance for eleven years in a row


17Progressive car insurance has been named as the nation’s most innovative users of technology in business in the annual list of InformationWeek magazine.

The car insurance firm topped the list of the Information Week 500 as it developed a way to Progressive won the spot on the InformationWeek 500 for developing a way to amalgamate its system with systems of other firms for offering its consumers products which are different from vehicle insurance like homeowners insurance.

As a result of this other companies get a chance to offer products of Progressive insurance to their clients

According to Ray Voelker, Progressive Insurance’s chief information officer the company has set an example of working hand in hand with the business to make it grow. He cited example stating that they are able to attract new customers for offering them homeowners insurance along with auto insurance. Hadn’t that been the case, new customers might not have chosen Progressive as their insurer.

He added saying that the company cane take advantage of this ability and amalgamate their systems with systems of other firms and offer their car insurance products to their clients.

Customers find it easy to understand, buy and use auto insurance products of the Progressive Group of Insurance companies. Here in lies the success of the company

The company has made it easier for customers to access the company whenever, wherever and however it is convenient for them. They can get in touch online through; they can access by phone or can get in touch in person directly through the local agent of the company.

Progressive Insurance has an array of offers for their clients in the kind of insurances of commercial and personal vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats and homes. It is the fourth biggest auto insurance company of the nation, the biggest seller of motorcycle insurance and one of the leaders in commercial auto insurance. In Australia the company offers online car insurance.

The company was founded in 1937. Progressive, even today continues with its offering of shopping equipments and services from which clients can save both their time and money. They are namely the Snapshot Discount and Name Your Price. It also provides claims service

The Mayfield Village, Ohio based holding company called the Progressive Corporation trades its common shares publicly at twenty one decimal zero eight dollars up by zero decimal zero nine cents which is zero decimal four three percent.