Honda Expects Higher Sales this Year on CR-V Cars


Honda Motor Co. is currently expecting higher sales in their CR-V car models of up to 40% than sedan cars. According to them it was in 2007 when they had huge sales of CR-V car models. They are currently sustaining 27% higher in the company’s sales just in Los Angeles in 5 years. According to Honda, their car deliveries will now reach more than 1.46M this year when an interview was conducted with Honda’s Executive VP in California. Honda’s American plants are now working overtime to be able to provide their dealers with more Honda Civics and CR-Vs according to him.

According to Mr. Mendel of Honda, they are still running at around 130% of capacity at some of their plants. When sales are increasing the same rate of the production, there is no gaining ground in the inventory. There is no doubt that Honda is currently growing in sales this year just in the 2nd half in North America alone because of the high demand for sedans and CR-Vs. Natural calamities in Asia in 2011 cut back the need of spare parts needed by Honda’s North American Factories. Honda US deliveries increase by more than19% just within the 1st 7 months of 2012. They were amazed by the 45% gain they had this July.

The North American Factories of Honda currently made around 75% more cars for the 1st half of the year and they were around 87% of Honda Acura models sold too which is very amazing. Honda’s US sales alone have reached 1.55M cars in 2007, but in 2008 in dropped into 1.4M only and that must be because of the massive recession that US experienced. Though, Honda sold more than 1.15M cars and trucks in 2011 they are still amazed by their growth just in the first half of this year.

The production is really growing and that is just fine for the lost inventory last year. With the wide sale going on this year, Honda will be able to reach and even surpass its goal according to Mendel. Dealers are expecting to sell more cars according to him. August 2012 has been a great month for Honda US in terms of inventory and employee’s attitude towards selling according to him.

Honda Accord is selling well and Honda Civic too while CR-V is currently doing well in the market as well. Honda Accord’s sales grew by 28% just this July while Honda Civic grew by 32%. And who would think that CR-V’s sales will grew by around 34% just this July. Honda Accord is currently trailing over Toyota Camry while Honda Civic is currently the top selling sedan in the market. Honda is so proud of their CR-V because it’s now one of the bestselling sporty vehicles in the US market.