Government Shut Down Shows Little Impact on Auto Sales in U.S.


The U.S. auto industry seems to have left its bad fortune behind and showing signs of returning to form if sales during the month of October are any indication. This is surely something to rejoice for the auto industry as this spurt in sales comes in the wake of a 16-day federal shutdown.

Early in the month, however sales figures were not that enthusiastic. Changes started to occur in the post Washington stalemate settlement scenario. General Motors led the BIG 3 of Detroit showing a staggering 16% increase in sales during the month of October 2013. GM delivered 226,400+ vehicles along with Cadillac, Buick GMC, and Chevrolet performing well. Buick sales increased by 31%, Cadillac went up by 10%, Chevrolet sales were up by 15%, and GMC was up by 16% where sales figures are concerned.

The real rise in sales occurred at the end of government shutdowns showing 13% spurts for GMC Sierra and 10% rise for Chevy Silverado. No wonder the auto industry is quite happy with these figures and increasing public interest related to vehicle purchase in the recent times. The main happiness stems from momentum in truck sales. GMC and Chevrolet boast of best lightweight and newest tracks and the buyers are showing the desired interests in purchasing these vehicles. The manufacturers highly appreciate this positive public response and they are already putting their gears in motion for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th phases of their strategic plans related to trucks.

Chrysler Group has also shown 11% increase in sales, which is a record for them since they are 2007 sales way back. Best received were their Ram, which upped its sales by 18%, and Dodge Durango that showed a staggering 59% increase in October sales. October auto sales statistics for Ford showed 13.9% increases which jumped from 142,487 to 191,985 units. Fusion came out at the top with an unbelievable 71% jump for Fiesta it was a 9% increase. Interestingly both these models set a new record with their fantastic October sales. F-Series remained as strong as ever showing 60,000 unit sales that was a six-month’s consecutive achievement for them. The last time they came anything near this record was during 2007.

Consumers chose Ford models because of styling, with efficiency, and value additions, which was ideal for all market levels. Insiders believe that the presence of new products along with dealer strength is responsible for such high sales figure.