General Motors Launched Stair-Step Dealer Incentive Program to Pump Up Chevrolet Sales This Year


According to the program, as the Chevrolet dealers hit the sales thresholds as set by the company, they will be paid escalating lucrative bonuses like never before. The sales for Malibus in 2013 will also be included in the program. In addition to this, the mid-sized Chevrolet sedan that will go on sale, coming fall will also be eligible for the program.

Earlier, General Motors ran somewhat similar reward programs for its brands such as Sonic, Cruze, and Malibu during the month of June, while including Camaro and Impala in July and August. The program used to pay the dealers retroactively as much as $1000 per unit on hitting a certain percentage of cars they can sell over the set targets provided by the company.

The sales figures for Chevrolet have been brewing hot during the early period of stair-step incentive program, with a 31% rise during the month of July. Last month, the sales for Cruze spiked up by 70%, which was 73% in the month of July. The brand bagged a record sales figure of 32,871 units, which has been the highest since its launch in 2010 fall.

According to Chevrolet dealers, the incentive program in June has been the first-of-its-kind in the year for General Motors. During the first half of the year 2012, the leading automaker has been pretty quiet with regard to dealer incentives. However, the stair-step program has set aside all inhibitions and sparked sales revenues for Chevrolet, allege the dealers.

However, they are of the belief that it is typically unusual for General Motors to incorporate so many Chevy brands in a single stair-step program. It was also surprising that the incentives encompass the redesigned 2014 Impala model, which has itself been highly praised and rated as the top sedan since its debut in May.

With regard to this, Ryndee Carney, spokesperson from GM, stated that the company leverages the stair-step program in a strategic and targeted manner. In comparison to others, the payouts provided by GM are modest, and their targets are also reasonable, she added. In July, the sale of GM was 9% for the year as compared to 8% growth for the industry.