Ford Brings Down EPA Ratings on C-Max amidst Heavy Criticism


Ford Motors tried everything for months, but failed to avoid such a move. Several of their new models are facing criticism because of worse than promised fuel economies. Window stickers of their C-Max Hybrid models showed a 47 mpg rating for the city, combined driving, and highway. Ford earned the ratings after conducting several tests and submitting the resultant data to the EPA.

A spokesperson from the company said that the new ratings are 43 mpg for combined, 40 mpg for highway, and 45 mpg for city. EPA also confirmed this news. Besides this, Ford also announced compensations to vehicle owners in a range of $ 550 for US customers of C-Max Hybrid and $325 for people who have given the vehicle on lease. Approximately 32,008 vehicle owners are going to benefit from this announcement in the coming times.

C-Max Hybrid pricing starts from $ 25,995 with additional shipping costs. Customers are eligible for getting compensation amounts will get notifications from the company via e-mails. Still unsold vehicles remaining with the dealers will undergo relabeling with the new EPA ratings.
This is surely a setback for Ford Motors, which was earlier riding on a success wave with unprecedented vehicle sales. In US alone sales of C-Max Hybrid reached 23,040 in July. This in turn boosted the company’s US shares related to alternative-powered vehicles from 4% last year to 50% the same time, this July.

Even EPA has learned their lesson from the Ford fiasco. They are all set to update their rating tests in the coming times in keeping with the industry trends. Current rules and procedures for testing dates way back to the 1970s and are unaccompanied with update dates. In order to overhaul the rating process EPA will consult with environmentalists and consumer activists. Afterwards, they will propose the revised testing regulations for auto manufacturers. This will do away with such glaring mistakes related to EPA rating and the consumers will only get accurate information related to the vehicles they buy.