Fisker from Finland not going good in Americas automobile industry


From the department of energy the company has already installed a loan of nearly $529 million. More importantly the usage amount has already reached up to a handsome $200 million & still nothing productive is being seen to be manufactured from the houses of Fisker. The company is Finnish or Finland based one & has not yet to hit the roads US with any of their manufactured cars in the American sub-continent till date.

However they have the ‘Karma’ running in America which is priced at around $103,000 which is pretty reasonable as compared to the other cars of the same genre. The ‘Karma’ however was manufactured in Finland & marketed in the continental US. Unfortunate from the company’s point of view it did not go well & was forced to a recall in the month of December. Further down the line we had this incident where ‘Karma’ caught fire when it was parked in a garage in Texas & burned the whole garage down. This thing or incident put their hopes of making a big name in the American automobile industry already was starting o sink if not virtually dead.

There were remarks regarding the Fisker Automotive of being the next Solyndra. But it is being designated to be worse. With all these things coming up & devastating & ruining the Finnish company’s image in & around the continental US. Their dream of manufacturing or building cars in the Americas is still in doubt. No one is sure how would the company proceed from here in the mere future.

In a more straight forward verdict it could easily be said that these cars manufactured by the Finnish company are really not the type of American cars which the people around US would be looking forward to purchase. Even for the American drivers these are rendered of being pretty unsafe while some may easily say these are not American cars. As far as reports suggests the company got federal funds, which helped them purchase abandoned General Motors manufacturing plant in Delaware. The company aimed to assemble a clean burning gas as well as electric family car named ‘Atlantic’. The company also thought of employing more than 2,000 employees in the plant.