Fire Risk Causes General Motors to Roll Over 480,000 SUVs from the Market


The company stated that it has received complaints of 11 minor injuries and 58 vehicle fires related to an electric short circuit, and most of which have been reported in the first recall. According to Government safety investigators, such a fire can also occur when the vehicle is not in use. Hence, as a precautionary measure, the vehicle owners are advised to park their SUVs outside unless the remedy has been found. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, such an issue involves the potential of the fluid leaking in the door module of the driver, which can cause corrosion resulting in a short in the circuit board. This short circuit can cause fire, resulting from overheating. It can also melt the components of the door module and can cause smoke, fire or odor.

General Motors has recalled more than 480,000 SUVs during the span of August 2012 and June 2013, thoroughly checking with the issue to prevent fire or corrosion from happening. Each of the vehicles under this category would be checked to ensure that the owner or the driver does not face any injury or to prevent fire from breaking out when in use as well as when not in use. The engineers will also be looking into the cause behind the fluid leaking into the driver’s door module and what is causing overheating or corrosion. Until all the vehicles are thoroughly checked and provided with remedies, the owners are advised to park their car outside or not to use the car unless emergency.

Since, NHTSA has reported that fire can also breakout when the car is not in use, it is important that it is parked at a little distance from others to prevent the fire to catch up other assets.