Experts: Save 35% off Insurance by Comparing Quotes


In the latest show of support for online car insurance services, industry experts are claiming that policyholders who purchase their policies through the internet can slash more than a third off their premiums. According to data collected and analyzed by industry sources, car owners who have opted to look for insurance online have saved up to 35 percent of their regular rates. The amount is equal to hundreds of dollars, with the national insurance premium average at more than $1,800 annually.

Experts: Save 35% off Insurance by Comparing QuotesAccording to experts, a common misconception many Americans have about comparing insurance quotes online is that it is difficult and highly technical. On the contrary, a car owner only needs minimal knowledge on how to use the internet to enjoy the benefits of online auto insurance services.

In fact, even inexperienced web surfers can get quotes directly from insurance providers by simply providing the essential data and information required. Typically, insurance providers would ask for information regarding the car owner’s place of residence, their occupation, driving records, and even credit histories. All of these will play crucial roles in determining how much a policyholder has to shell out for insurance.

Industry sources say that by availing of insurance online, policyholders can avoid dealing with agents, brokers, and agencies. Before the prevalence of the internet, Americans had to pay their local insurance agents a visit to get the best insurance quotes available. Of course, the agencies and brokers would slap on a service charge on top of the insurance rates, making the premiums balloon considerably.

Aside from the official websites of the companies themselves, car owners can also consult affiliate websites to make things easier and provide multiple providers and services. Policyholders can then compare insurance quotes of different insurers and choose the best policies that will satisfy their specific needs. This allows car owners the freedom to match their situations and needs with available policies.

Experts also contend that the internet is revolutionizing the way that many American motorists and car owners are searching for and buying coverage. Analysts even expect the number of policyholders who make use of the internet to increase significantly in the coming months and years. Some insurance providers are already implementing new services and technology to better cater to their clients. Car owners can sign up for all-online services, essentially doing away with phone calls from agents and face-to-face transactions with brokers.