Experts Remind Drivers about Car Rental Insurance


With the arrival of the summer vacation, more and more American families are taking long drives to vacation spots all across the nation. A significant portion of these families as well as many other professionals also go on lengthy car trips for business reasons. Vacationers are also noted for renting cars from local establishments to avoid the inconvenience of driving hundreds of miles or overspending on taxi rides.

Experts Remind Drivers about Car Rental InsuranceIn recent years, car rental companies have made a killing because of the rising demand for rental cars among businessmen and even families going on long road trips. The car insurance industry has also adapted to this market and some major providers even offer rental car insurance for different situations.

Experts say that before deciding to rent a car, drivers should ask their providers about the company’s policy on rental car insurance. Renting a car without having the appropriate coverage can cause major problems especially if drivers get involved in car accidents. Even minor fender benders and similar accidents can lead to thousands of dollars worth of repairs if motorists do not have the right coverage.

Industry specialists say that drivers can already be covered by insurance for rental cars depending on the circumstances. Some companies offer policies which include insurance coverage for any cars that policyholders may rent. These policies range from full coverage to partial coverage, depending on the options selected by the consumers. There are even providers that allow drivers to add rental car insurance coverage.

Full coverage can differ from one company to the other so experts advise consumers to be aware of their provider’s policies. Generally, full coverage means that the policyholder gets the same coverage and benefits even if they drive rental cars.

Experts also cite another probable way that drivers may be already be covered by insurance when dealing with rental cars. Some credit card companies provide limited insurance coverage for cardholders driving rental cars. Most companies, however, cover only physical damage to the rental car. They seldom include personal injury or liability in the coverage.

Industry specialists say that some insurance providers offer substantial coverage for policyholders who drive rentals. However, some drivers are oblivious to this fact and take risks by renting cars without consulting representatives of their providers. The best way to ensure safe and worry-free vacation trips would be to do a bit of research and approach insurance companies, experts add.