Esurance Launches its Outdoor Advertisements


38The well-known auto insurance company Esurance have started an outdoor advertisement campaign around the world to further promote their products and services to their clients and potential customers.

The popular auto coverage company would feature certain characters in their advertisements to represent the technology and human side of their company products and services. There was the character called Chad, who is “feely” and is approachable so he represents the human side of Esurance. And then there was Sanjeev who is considered the “techy” and takes care of the more technical and technological part of the company’s services and products.

These persons have also been specially chosen and been sorted to fit their advertisement roles well and make a well balanced team. They were also trained to make sure that they would not only be able to effectively inform people about what Esurance could offer them but also show what makes the company stand apart from its rivals and competitors.

Esurance’s Vice President of its Marketing office, Darren Howard, explained in a statement that the company gives importance in its usage of innovative technology and to also make use of its human side to attract and appeal to potential customers. With the “feely’ and ‘techy” tandem of advertisers, this would be an effective way of attracting people and making them interested in applying for the company. The company also makes use of its online policy management and a customer service which is accessible 24 hours a day to prove that it offers quality auto insurance services for its clients.

The company have already broadcasted its advertisements in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tampa, San Diego, and in other cities in the United States. They have used various media such as bus posters, billboards, and bus shelters get their message across to people that they offer a variety of quality auto insurance products and services. One of the most particular means of advertising is the running of a Station Domination in San Francisco’s Embarcadero B.A.R.T. last July, which had proven useful with the residents in the city most especially the commuters.

This latest advertisement venture of Esurance would give the company’s brand positioning a better advantage and would better broadcast the quality of its services to people worldwide. This well-known auto insurance company have already been noticeable in many parts of the world, and its inclusion of techies and feelies would further help in strengthening its image as one of the biggest names in the industry.