Drivers urged to exercise caution by tegner-miller insurance brokers


Drivers urged to exercise caution by tegner-miller insurance brokersTegner-Miller Insurance brokers are now encouraging motorists to drive safely by educating them on safe driving practices. Now, the brokerage is acting swiftly to educate citizens about the traffic-related deaths that seem to rise in the month of August. These brokers want to ensure that the clients are well protected while they are on the roads. It does not occur to anyone that they can be involved in an accident or that their loved ones could be involved in a serious crash and when it happens it can be really shocking. Motorists, who are sometimes lucky, manage to escape without injuries or with minor injuries. They are thankful for obtaining comprehensive insurance cover like the ones that are offered by Tegner-Miller.

According to the data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, over 2,800 American citizens have died in the month of August, after being involved in serious accidents. Comparatively, the month of March seems to be the safest month in the whole year. The fatality rate for the month of August is at an average of 1.09, while it is 0.94 per 100 million miles traveled in the month of March.

Securing the best coverage is one thing and most of the motorists from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, as well as the California residents have already done that. However, apart from that they are also urged to practice some safe driving habits to help lower the risk of being involved in crashes that could be fatal. Some of the suggestions that have been given are as follows:

  • The inspection of the vehicle must be up to date. Regardless of how safe the driver is, they can get into dangerous situations in case the vehicle brakes fail or if they don’t function properly. Check to see that both headlights function properly.
  • There are a number of reckless drivers on the roads. So, always be on guard. These people don’t follow traffic rules and can endanger the lives of the others on the road as well. Unless you are switching lanes, it is important to focus on what lies ahead of you rather than what is behind you.
  • Always keep yourself updated on the distracted driving regulations as well as the state’s rules regarding seatbelts etc. There are a number of places where wearing seatbelts are mandatory. However, it is in your interest to wear seatbelts even if it is not mandatory.
  • Never use cell phones while driving.