Detroit Electric All Set to Tap American Battery Car Market


Detroit Electric announced their production date at the news conference, which is due in the late summers this year. Interesting thing to note in this regard is that the maker do not even have a factory site in sight as of yet! The company admits this and is ready to take up this challenge to prove that their so-called dream has a basis on the hard realities. They are quite enthusiastic regarding the project, which is going to manufacture long range, and high performance vehicle line. This line of the company is all set to redefine the overall automotive manufacturing model in the near future.

The earlier high profile entries in the world of battery operated vehicle market in the U.S. simply failed to click with the target audience. Among the key entries in this category in 2012 were Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla Motors, and Karma from Fisker Automotive. However none could break the ice with buyers and either stopped production altogether or were forced to rethink their strategy. Detroit Electrical surely has tough times ahead of them as they go ahead with the realization of their dream project.

Focus of Detroit Electric is on the battery electrical power generation and they want to start their market introduction with high performance and low volume sports cars. Their dream model is SP: 01. The base is on Lotus Design with bonded aluminum and carbon super-light fiber body. Batteries are lithium-polymer that is going to yield a range of 180 miles. A 155 mph top speed, 0-60 performance in less than 3.8 seconds is the other features of this new model from Detroit Electric in the offing.

The good news about Detroit Electric is that its makers do not have unreasonable expectations from their new offering and they are considering a modest return, at best. Who knows, this may be one gamble that just pays off. One can only watch and hope!